New England SCBWI Critique Groups

NESCBWI Critique Groups are held, usually on a monthly basis, in communities throughout all the New England states. Each group is unique, shaped by the talents of the Critique Group Leader and the participants.

On this site you will see a list of the currently open critique groups in each state. If you do not see a group open in your area, contact Stacy Mozer at Please include your name, city, state, and what you write (PB, MG, YA) or if you illustrate. You can also see a q&a with Stacy Mozer about critique groups on Anna Boll's Blog.

Don't see a group in your area? Fill out our critique group request form.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


New England was home to the first-ever SCBWI critique group, and still hosts the world's longest continually-running SCBWI critique group. To check out the history of our critique groups, click here!
New England SCBWI Critique Groups may also apply for grants to run small, local programs.
Please send your questions or suggestions to Critique Group Coordinator Stacy Mozer at You can also fill out our critique group request form if there were no open groups in your area.