New England SCBWI Critique Groups

NESCBWI Critique Groups are held, usually on a monthly basis, in communities throughout all the New England states. Each group is unique, shaped by the talents of the Critique Group Leader and the participants.

On this site you will see a list of the currently open critique groups in each state. If you do not see a group open in your area, contact Stacy Mozer at Please include your name, city, state, and what you write (PB, MG, YA) or if you illustrate. You can also see a q&a with Stacy Mozer about critique groups on Anna Boll's Blog.


MA - Amherst
Ongoing group that originally met at the Hatfield Library and Jones Library. They are now meeting at the Eric Carle Museum on the last Tuesday of the month from 6-8pm. Open to all writers and illustrators at every level of experience. Contact

MA - Andover
The group meets the second or third Wednesday of the month from 7-9 PM at The Memorial Hall Library Activity Room in Andover. Find out more about some of our members at our group blog, Writer’s Rumpus ( Please contact Marianne Knowles to confirm meeting date and time, and to receive group guidelines. Contact

MA - Berkshires
Do you live in the Berkshires and wonder where all the children's writers are? We did too, so we have started a group that meets at the Lee Library on the first Thursday of the month. On snow days we critique via email. PB, chapter book, MG, or YA, we welcome you and your work. We provide critique and support and share information as we work towards publication. Please contact Barbara Sinopoli at for details.

MA - Boston/Brookline

A new “Green Line” critique group is forming for enthusiastic, dedicated writers.  The group will meet twice monthly, somewhere accessible by public transportation.  Writers of YA or MG genres who are willing to provide as well (as accept) support and constructive criticism are welcome. Contact Adrienne Kisner at

MA - Boston/GBIG (Greater Boston Illustrator's Group)
The Greater Boston Illustrators' Group meets on the second Wednesday of each month in Weston. Contact Sarah Brannen at for more information.

MA - Cambridge

Starting a critique group in Cambridge for middle-grade and young adult writers. Chapter books for younger readers are welcome too. Ideally the group will meet on a weekday in the afternoon. Space is available at a picturesque carpet store on Broadway. Looking forward to hearing from you. Arti Pandey Walter

MA - Falmouth
Group meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month. Wait list accepted. Contact Joan Walsh at For more information go to

MA - Groton

Our ongoing critique group meets on or around the third Wednesday of the month in Groton. We're looking for serious authors with a focus on middle-grade and YA fiction, although occassional side trips may be made into nonfiction and picture book projects. Current members have projects in historical fiction, science fiction, and paranormal genres. Contact for details.

MA - Holliston
A writers group is starting up in Holliston, MA. We plan to meet about once a month at the Holliston Public Library to chat about writing joys and challenges, network, and perhaps share some work. This will not be a formal critique group, but rather about forming a local writing community. Writers for both children and adults are welcome. If you're interested, please email me off list and I'll include you when we settle on our next meeting date.

MA - Lexington
I’m forming a small critique group for picture books, with a focus on rhyming. I am looking for serious authors that are willing to give and receive good feedback for their manuscripts. We’ll meet  in Lexington and also offer critiques online. 
Should you be interested, please email me at

MA - Martha's Vineyard
Martha’s Vineyard children’s writers unite! Join us twice a month to share manuscripts. Our primary goal will be to give and get feedback so we can help each other send off our best work for publication. We will also share knowledge about publishers, marketing, agents, and any other information we may have or find about children’s publishing. We are still looking for a few new members. Contact Deb at

MA – Montague/Greenfield Area
Calling writers of all types of children's books. New group forming in the Montague/Greenfield area, accessible to southern NH and VT. We will meet from 6-8 at the Carnegie Library on the third Tuesday of the month. Contact Nell Wright at

MA - Newburyport
We are a group of eager writers in children’s literature. We focus our writing in MG and YA fiction in various genres. We support each other through online critique exchange and monthly Saturday critique meetings, where we rotate responsibility to research and lead discussion on aspects of writing important to the group. All members hope to bring our works to publication. We welcome contact by writers with similar goals. Contact Paulette Turco at

MA - Newton
This is a group of middle grade and YA writers that meet at the Newton Free Library once a month. Contact Laya Steinberg at for more information. 

MA - Peabody
Small critique group meets in Peabody but is currently on hiatus for about a month.  We will be seeking new members after April 1. We are open to, and eager to read, all children's genres.  Please contact Joan Williams at

MA - Sharon
A brand new critique group is forming for writers and illustrators of picture books.  Initial dates and structure to be determined by group consensus.  All levels welcome.  Please contact Jessie Kravette at for more details.

MA - Sherborn
The Middle Grade Critique Group at The Writer's Loft is held on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 7pm and the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 10am. We will be alternating between spontaneous critique and presubmitted critique at every other meeting. For more information contact and visit

MA - Sherborn
The YA Think Tank at The Writer's Loft is designed to help YA writers at any stage of the writing process. Our goal is to help fully develop material from conception to the final draft. We'll workshop problematic scenes, troubleshoot character development, work through big picture issues, assist in brainstorming for that new concept, and review your submission package. The group meets the 3rd Saturday of each month from 10am - 12pm. For more information contact and visit

MA - Sherborn
The Picture Book Critique Group at The Writer's Loft meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7pm. We read aloud each manuscript and offer feedback in a friendly discussion-based forum. Limit to 4 manuscripts per meeting to ensure they are all given the proper time and care. Open to all on a drop in basis with priority for critiques given to those who attend more frequently. For more information contact and visit

MA - Sherborn
Have you ever wanted to write work-for-hire but don't know how to get in the door? Are you writing a memoir or some other type of nonfiction project? Join us in the Nonfiction Think Tank at The Writer's Loft. We meet the first Friday of each month at 10am. For more information contact and visit

MA - South Shore/Rockland
Are you a serious children's book writer? We meet the last Tuesday of the month. Please contact

MA - Watertown/Newton/Belmont Area
New critique group starting in Watertown/Newton/Belmont area for picture book through middle grade authors and illustrators.  Meetings will be held once a month and for those interested 5-10 minutes at the end of each meeting will be used to discuss developing your writing platform and utilizing Social Media.  Contact Drew Dyer at or on Twitter @drewdyerauthor.

MA – Western Mass
Do you dream in 32 page spreads?  Do you rattle off daily routines in rhyme?  Do you live and breathe to construct the perfect query letter?  Do you dig writing picture books? Do you fiddle with metered verse? If you answered yes to any of the above, this is the group for you.  Take the plunge towards the golden ticket of publication and join our new group beginning in the Westfield/Southwick area (close ride for Northern CT).   This is a strictly picture book group for all writers serious about their craft. Please be willing to share and read others' work and provide/accept support and constructive criticism. All members hope to bring our works to publication. We welcome contact by writers with similar goals.  Meeting location/schedule will be determined by member consensus.  The potential for online critique will also be discussed.
Contact Nicole Markel at

MA - Western Worcester County
New writing group forming for writers of YA and MG. The group will provide critiquing opportunities, writing prompts and exercises, information on how to get your work published, support when you are stuck and more. Please e-mail Jenn Grybowski at for more information. 
MA - Worcester Writers and Illustrators
Worcester group for writers and illustrators meets on scheduled Saturdays at the Worcester Public Library at 3pm. Open to PB, MG, and YA. Will meet monthly and email critiques in between. Contact Brook at for more details.